How to Maximize Your Superpoints!

I'm a stay at home mom, so remembering to click a button 100 times everyday seems like a daunting task in itself. But I remind myself everyday that Superpoints is one of the easiest ways to earn gift cards. How do I get the most possible points? Here's what I do:

  • First thing's first: COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE! Get at LEAST to Basic status. The more complete your profile is, the more spins you will get!
  • Leave the page open all day. As you are doing other things and walk by, click on it. It's better to space out your clicks as opposed to clicking all in one shot. You have a better chance of getting more points if you click sporadically throughout the day.

  • Let your kids click on it! This might work more for toddlers than preteens, but it's worth a shot. Tell your kids what you are saving for. They might just want to get involved! If you leave the page open all day, encourage them to click the button as they walk by as well!

  • Refer your friends! I know, it seems like EVERYONE is doing Superpoints right now, but there are a lot of people who aren't! Make sure that if a friend signs up under you, they get to BASIC status. This way, they will get more clicks, and you will get more points when they click!
  • Think about paying the one time $10 fee for Platinum status. It's good for one year, and they will not automatically charge you. You will get more clicks on the SuperLucky button and more sponsorships.

  • If we ALL click everyday, we'll ALL get lots of points! You can't get points if you don't click!

  •  Do the free offers. There are lots of small offers you can do that are completely free. Take advantage of them! If there IS an offer that interests you, definitely complete it to get the points.
  • Complete the surveys! If you get a survey in your email, complete it RIGHT AWAY!

Superpoints has allowed me to cash out for $35 in one night! There is nothing like being able to save up your gift cards for something special. I personally love the Amazon gift cards, because I shop there more often and can always find something I need. I've bought birthday gifts, Valentine's day gifts, housewares and little gifts for myself! There's no reason to pay with a credit card when access to gift cards is free and easy!

Click on the button to join!


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    1. I would like to become a member but I need to be invited...anyone want to invite me?

  2. I don't ever have any videos available? What am I doing wrong?

    1. Agreed....I never have any videos available either when i click on that section

  3. SuperPoints is great! I've earned nearly $100 in just a couple months. This is a pretty helpful guide. I recommend anyone try and get at least 5 referrals to get the most clicks a day, that helps a lot I think.

    You should also check out Can't Beat Free. It's another similar site that works just as well. I'm running both now for tons of gift cards!

    1. Also, if you sign up for CBF you can go here:

      And enter the code "matomy" (without the quotes) for some free bonus points!

  4. Congrats!


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