Easy Ways to Earn Money for Your Schools!

In this economy, many parents are not able to donate to their children's schools as much as they would like. But we all want our children to have access to the best resources. There are a lot of fundraising opportunities for schools that are easy and plausible for many parents that don't involve selling chocolate or having bake sales. If you were not already aware, there are quite a few ways parents can earn money for their children's schools just by using apps on their Androids or IPhones.

Shoparoo: A fundraising only app, it allows parents to earn money for the school just by uploading a picture of any kind of receipt and inviting friends to use the app. The makers estimate each person who uses the app can earn $10-$15 per school year. This might not seem like much, but if we could get as many parents as possible to use the app, we have the possibility of raising money in the thousands for each school!

Ibotta: Another app that requires parents upload pictures of their receipts. This one is a little more complicated, as you have to purchase the items listed, but it's great way for individuals to earn money for for their schools! Once you purchase the item, you upload the receipt and you get paid! You can donate that to the school of your choice! (Minimum $1)

Endorse: For every receipt you upload (it doesn't matter if you have purchased the items on the shopping list or not) you get 5 points. Once you receive 50 points, you will receive a voucher in your name for DonorsChoose.org. If a teacher in your child's school has a project that needs to be funded, you can help fund it without paying out of your own pocket!

Box Tops for Education: Box Tops for Education is an awesome program! Specially marked packages have "Box Tops" certificates on them. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. Some packages have labels on them that are worth 3, 5 or 10 box tops. If you go into your kitchen, you will most likely find a package that a box top on it. If each parent collects as many box tops as they can throughout the year, schools can raise TONS of money. Plus, you can play games and watch videos on the Box Tops website for additional Box Tops!

 Labels for Education: This program is from Campbell's. It works the same way as Box Tops does, but this program allows you to earn educational resources instead of cash!

Tyson Project A+, which allows parents to clip the labels of participating Tyson chicken products and give them to the school. Each label is worth 24 cents for your school!

Be Green Earn Green: Save your Capri Sun Pouches! When you send them back to the company, they recycle them to make cool products and your school gets money! Each pouch is worth $0.02 that goes to the school!

All of these programs allow parents to contribute to the school without parents having to pay out of their budget. By purchasing items they already use, they will be able to make a huge difference to their child's school!!!! In this economy, I'm sure fundraisers aren't as successful as they used to be. I'm hoping to help my child's school by using these programs and advertising them to fellow parents.

In the beginning of the school year, Target was having a Give Back to School Program. By just sharing the Facebook app and asking people to vote, we earned $175 in Target gift cards for P.S. 130. Also, there was a partnership between Jingit and Box Tops for Education, where we raised over $150 for P.S. 130. This was just me alone advertising and promoting these programs among those I knew. If we can get more parents involved, I think it would be MUCH more beneficial for our schools!

Is there a fundraising program or app you would recommend? Leave it in the comments!!!