Use the Summer for Good!

As the end of the school year approaches for my daughter, I am thinking about ways we can help the school during our summer vacation. There are a lot of different programs, apps and sales you can utilize to raise money for your kid's schools.

Take advantage of sales! School supplies are often on sale during the months of July and August. Pay attention to special coupons and match them with sales! Last year, there were Rose Art art supply coupons available (it was the first time I had ever seen them!) I bought a TON of stuff from Target. I gave out colored pencils, fat and skinny markers, paint and crayons to all of the children in my family in their Eid goody bags. I used some of the supplies to fulfill school supply lists for my daughter and niece. I donated some for my daughter's classroom. I donated the rest to my daughter's Sunday school. I was able to fulfill my own needs and the needs for many other children with just one shopping trip!

Don't forget to collect your Box Tops and Labels for Education! Print out the Box Tops and Labels for Education collection sheets to keep them more organized! Ask your kids to glue them! Link your grocery card on the Labels for Education site. Participate in the games and cashback shopping on the Box Tops website!

Utilize your smartphone! Some apps allow you earn money by uploading receipts from your grocery shopping trips!

Shoparoo: A fundraising only app, it allows parents to earn money for the school just by uploading a picture of any kind of receipt and inviting friends to use the app. The makers estimate each person who uses the app can earn $10-$15 per school year. This might not seem like much, but if we could get as many parents as possible to use the app, we have the possibility of raising money in the thousands for each school!

Tyson Project A+, which allows parents to clip the labels of participating Tyson chicken products and give them to the school. Each label is worth 24 cents for your school!

Terracycle: Choose a brigade, save the waste (Capri Sun pouches, Lunchables containers, Little Bites pouches, etc,). You can recycle the waste AND earn money for your school!

Target REDcard: Choose your kids' elementary school, the neighborhood middle school or any other eligible K–12 school. Target will donate 1% of your Credit or Debit REDcard purchases made at Target and

eScrip: Register cards from local grocers and drug stores, or add your credit and debit cards, and eScrip will donate a percentage of all purchases to the school of your choice.

My Coke Rewards: You can donate your points (3 pts. = $0.05) to the school of your choice!

Kellogg Family Rewards: Purchase participating Kellogg's products to earn points. You can donate those points to the school of your choice!

Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program :
  • Shop at Office Depot for all of your school and office supplies
  • Present your school's 5% Back To Schools ID number when you shop online, over the phone or at your neighborhood Office Depot store.
  • Office Depot will offer your school credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card that can be used towards FREE supplies!

And finally, pay attention to social media. In the beginning of the school year, Target was having a Give Back to School Program. By just sharing the Facebook app and asking people to vote, we earned $175 in Target gift cards for P.S. 130. Also, there was a partnership between Jingit and Box Tops for Education, where we raised over $150 for my daughter's school. This was just me alone advertising and promoting these programs among those I knew. If we can get more parents involved, I think it would be MUCH more beneficial for our schools!

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