Bejeweled Bubbles Review and Giveaway

Bejeweled Bubbles makes soap to which they add rings, necklaces, toys AND money! I got the kids all toy bars for Christmas last year and the kids loved them! This time I got Clean Ca$h bars. Each Clean Ca$h bar contains a foil-wrapped bill of either $1, $5, $10, $20 or $50 denomination!

-Clean Ca$h Bars-

I'm so excited because these are so fun! It makes my kids excited to wash their hands and bodies which can be a hassle! My kids all went to wash up without me asking them to! Each soap has a clear bar that leaves you feeling smooth and refreshed. In the center is a white bar that is very moisturizing. This is where the money is hidden. Each bar is packed full of one of the many scents and each one is sure to please!

These bars are pretty fun and make great gifts for family and friends or putting into a gift basket.

Here is the price list:
Bejeweled Bubbles bars $10.95 each or 3/$25
Clean Ca$h bars $10.95 each or 3/$25
Basically Bubbles bars $4.95 each or 4/$16
Good Clean Fun bars for kids $3.95 each or 3/$10
Bag of Bubbles (6x 1 oz. soaps) $4.95 per bag

See website for more products!!

Bejeweled Bubbles has generously offered a Clean Ca$h Bar to ONE LUCKY READER!!!

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