SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts!

Check out the amazing company I just discovered! SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts provide gentle compression that help "prevent and treat a range of medical complaints associated with pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery."

 These shorts are not shapewear--they are medical grade compression garments! They promote tissue healing when you are recovering from a c-section or a vaginal delivery. "SRC shorts are specifically designed to close abdominal muscle separation and provide support to the pelvis- and that’s what they do."

These products are a must for any woman who is recovering from a c-section, vaginal delivery, back pain due to pregnancy,  incontinence, mobility or stability issues and much more!

SRC is an Australian company, but they now shipping directly from the U.S.! They also offer:
  • Pregnancy Recovery Shorts
  • Pregnancy Shorts
  • Pregnancy Leggings
  • Sport Shorts
  • Sport Leggings  

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