The Jungle Stand Review and Giveaway!!!!

The Jungle Stand is by far one of my favorite companies. Each month they send out a box of delicious treats and goodies right to my door. The best part is each month is a surprise! I've gotten foods from all over the world, such as Japan, Chili, Thailand and even right here in America! I get a chance to try foods I never would have thought of before! Each month is a new surprise and new tastes. One month I received chocolates, even spicy flavored ones!

My family and I love getting this box. We get together after dinner and all try out the stuff that we got that month. We smell and feel the foods before we taste them! the foods first then tasting. It's pretty funny to see our faces when we experience a new food for the first time!

The boxes have 6 different tastes and each one has a colored sticker on it to tell you which picture it goes to on the card. The card will give a description of the product. Sometimes the box will have a hidden ingredient in it and it gets stronger as you go through the 6 tastes. Sometimes only 1 has the hidden ingredient and its your job to figure it out. The box is only $9.92 a month shipped and they charge your card automatically before they ship. Each month you will get a tracking number sent to your email to track your package.
Unfortunately, they can not customize boxes. Everyone gets the same box every month and given the fact that the box is a surprise every month, this box may not be a good choice for those with allergies to dairy or nuts. But it could make a fun gift for others and its certainly a big hit with the kids.

Want to try your own box? The Jungle Stand has generously offered to give away two boxes for two readers! This is a quick giveaway, so enter quickly!!!!

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