Tiny Trinket Candle Giveaway!

Recently I found a small business that makes and sells candles. I heard good reviews about Tiny Trinket Candles from friends. These candles have little charms in them that are worth up to $200! I ordered a few to try them out!

The moment the package was opened the scent was amazing! I did not have to light it to smell it. I was shocked at the smell coming out of these little candles. I got one lit and within 10 minutes, my entire room smelled of Pinapple Pear-adise which is my favorite scent. I really liked that these candles are long lasting, smell amazing and are cute. So it took about 6 hours to get to the foil wrapped charm that was just barely halfway into the candle. I pulled it out to get my charm. It was really cute a little starfish. 

Each candle comes with 1-3 charms depending on the size of the candle. You can even make your own layered candle with whatever scents you choose. I have gotten a number of .925 charms as well as one charm that was worth $80! If you get a high value charm, it will come with a little paper and tell you the price or the brand to look up.

Now for the fun part. You now get a chance to win one of these little candles. You even get to choose the scent! It will have a charm inside of your very own. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below! 

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