Crazy Couponing Money Challenge -- Day 3

It's Day 3 of the Crazy Couponing Money Challenge! Today's theme is online surveys.

During the holidays, it's easy to get stressed with money issues. You don't have to let it get to you! If you have free time, you can definitely make some money doing online surveys.


Fill out your member profile, verify your email and take the surveys! Cash out is as low as $1!

This is a survey site that pays for every answer! You can cash out at $2. You can also enter tickets for the $50 drawing (happens once every 24 hours) and coins for the $2 drawing (every 4 hours). When you answer questions, most frequently the prize will be lottery tickets along with one or more coins, and sometimes the prize will be an instant cash prize that will be credited to your account. Also, you can only answer 5 surveys per 3 hours.

Cash out is at  $15! The surveys are VERY short and easy! You don't need to spend an entire day on it! Plus, they email you when new surveys are available, so you don't have to constantly log in! 

Participate in surveys, and when you reach $20, you can cash out for a gift card. Doesn't have many tedious and long surveys, as most of them are between 10 and 30 minutes. Keep your profile up to date to receive the most opportunities. When a new survey is available, they will email the link to you! You don't even need to log in everyday!

Vindale Research
Vindale Research is a survey site that offers HIGH paying surveys and Product evaluations! It's very easy, the surveys don't take too long, and you get $5 for every person who JUST SIGNS UP under your referral link!

These are my favorite sites. More are listed here.

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