Crazy Couponing Money Challenge -- Day 4

Crazy Couponing Money Challenge Day 4 theme: Paid to Click (PTC) Websites

There are a lot of sites that will pay for clicking on websites, completing offers, watching videos and more. If you are going to complete offers such as "free trials", make sure you complete the offer fully, and then cancel the paid trial within the time frame. Try to use prepaid cards to pay for shipping or to sign up for free trials.

Below are my favorite PTC sites, as well as how much I've cashed out!


I've cashed out $590.61.

This is, by far, my absolute favorite site. You can complete offers that are totally free, click on websites, watch videos, take surveys and much more. You can get gift cards from many different retailers, or you can request a check! I have gotten HUNDREDS of dollars in Amazon gift cards, but I've also received checks (they arrive very quickly). You just need 100 point to cash out. 100 points = $1. Very easy.


I've cashed out $80.

InstantBucks is very similar to InstaGC. You complete offers, click on websites and get "Bucks". Cash out is at 500 bucks, which equals $5. You can get Amazon gift cards, PayPal and other retailers.


I've cashed out $73.01.

I like Unique Rewards because there are some different offers than the above mentioned sites. You can get paid for reading emails, listening to the radio and more! There are also many similar offers that you will find on other sites (paid trials, clicking, etc.) There are also contests that are super easy to enter! (I even won $15 once!)


I've cashed out  $1317.21 (Since 2009)

InboxDollars is awesome! I get paid for reading emails, completing offers, cash back shopping, watching videos, searching, and more! It's very easy. Cash out is minimum of $30, and it can take a while to get there if you don't keep up with it. If you just read emails, you'll be getting 1 cent, so do as much as you can on the site!

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