Jingit Update!

Many of you found my site looking for Jingit links. Last year, people were maxing out on their Jingit accounts every single week! They also partnered with Box Tops for Education, which allowed you to earn 4 Box Tops per video for the school of your choice.

I have been frustrated with Jingit for quite sometime. I emailed them and this is the response I received:

Hello Amara,

I am sorry about the lack of communication from Jingit. I will be happy to answer your questions. Jingit is still alive and well. As you have mentioned, things are slow, and we haven’t had any news we could share. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work improving Jingit. Once we have an ETA for the new features, brands, and retailers, we will be sharing through email, and social media again.

We thank you for promoting Jingit. It is greatly appreciated. There will be new earning opportunities in all sections of Jingit in the coming weeks, and months. We are continuing to work with new, and existing brands to bring more opportunities to the Jingit members. As Jingit continues to grow, so will the amount of content we provide to our members.

Jingit really enjoyed providing the Box Tops for Education program to our members. My children’s schools benefited from the program as well. Jingit hopes to offer the program again in the coming year.


It's a typical answer, and I guess it means we just have to wait and see. I, personally, am not ready to give up on Jingit. When it comes back, I'm sure it will come back stronger and more exciting than ever.