I have promoted MooLaLa to no end on my Facebook page, my personal page and on this blog. I am now NO LONGER supporting them. If you signed up under MooLaLa with my referral link, I am sorry! I do not promote businesses that treat me poorly as a customer.

In the last month, I have had SEVERAL issues with MooLaLa. I believe their customer service is terrible and I find it unacceptable.

November 11th- I wanted to cash out my rewards of $11.93. I usually try this option with businesses to see how fast they can send a check.

"If you've got over $5 in your rewards account you can request a check. We'll mail your check within 10-14 days. We love sending our members money!"

10-14 days sounds reasonable, right? Well, 10-14 days passed (they don't specify business days), and on December 3rd, I finally contacted customer service to ask them about it. I also could not request another check, since that one was still "pending". December 5th, I got a response that my check was mailed out on December 2nd.

Fine, it was annoying, but it was handled. I still supported the business and just chalked it up to a busy season.

Then I started reading about the Rainbow Loom fiasco.

MooLaLa ran a deal for Rainbow Looms for $9. I promoted this deal HEAVILY in November,  because I knew Loom Band bracelets are very popular and they would be a popular Christmas item.

Little did I know, HUNDREDS of customers would be complaining about MooLaLa and the vendor, Belleza Jewelry, about NOT receiving the Rainbow Loom Kits. Many who did receive them, stated they were fake. Now this is not entirely MooLaLa's fault, but when you associate with vendors who are giving customers a hard time and telling them they might not receive their orders before Christmas, it makes you look bad. It's called Guilt by Association.

I ordered the Rainbow Loom Kit, and I DID receive it a month later. It does not look authentic.

Here are what some customers told me personally:

"I am having an issue with Moolala as well. I ordered a product on their page, a Rainbow Loom. Bought my voucher and ordered from the 3rd party both on 11/13. Have not received the item, nor a response, from either Moolala or from the third party vendor. Supposedly my item was shipped two days ago, however the tracking information doesn't say that it was actually shipped and it looks like the item won't be here in time for Christmas. I am considering disputing the charge on my credit card."

"They supposedly shipped out 4 Rainbow Looms but none of the tracking #'s work and I still have a Rainbow Loom and a case I am waiting on. Moolala has done NOTHING to help rectify this situation. I went on Belleza's FB page under Belleza Jewelry and posted that I had waited 4 weeks and emailed, called etc and had gotten no response from them and they blocked me from posting on their page! I was just trying to get in touch with them to see WTH was going on?! I have 5 kids waiting, wanting Rainbow Looms for xmas and I have no idea if they are coming or not and I have already been charged $97, waited 5 weeks and have not had anyone own up to what is actually going on. If they do send me fake ones I am going to flip on them. They advertised authentic Rainbow Looms"

There are TONS more complaints on Facebook, which I am not going to quote here.

Next issue I had was with a "Mystery Box" I ordered for $29. It was originally worded as being a "$400 value". They then CHANGED the wording to say "Up to a $400" Value. I received the following items and broke down what the box was REALLY worth. This is the email I sent:

"I've purchased a mystery box and I am disgusted with what I have received. $6.95 Robot Kit -$12.99 Flashlight -$8.99 iPhone Case -$4.99 Ear warmers $5.19 Door and window Alarm
I've obviously done the research and given RETAIL value for each item. The Retail value of the entire package is $39.02. Paying $29 for a box of cheap crap is NOT the same as a $400 value. How exactly do you do your math? I would like a step by step explanation. "

This was sent 7 days ago. The only response I received was this:

"Please accept our sincere apology for the delayed response. Our ticket volume is much higher than normal during this busy season. We have hired additional personnel and are working long hours to serve you better. The Moolala Member Experience Team is working through the requests in the order of receipt. Please be patient. We are certainly not intentionally ignoring you and want to give each member's request the attention it deserves.
For the Moolala Member Experience Team"

Apparently, my request doesn't deserve any attention until I start threatening to write this blog post. I sent a message to Moolala's Facebook page telling them I would be writing a blog post expressing my grievances with their company. This is how they responded:

"Hi. We are not ignoring your messages. I understand your frustrations with the lack of response but we are doing our best. The Christmas season took us by surprise which in turn swamped our 3 person customer service team. To alleviate that, we have brought on several other employees recently to help conquer our back log of inquiries. I myself have dropped all of my responsibilities in order to help expedite our response time to the best we possibly can at this point. I ask that you please understand that our delayed responses are not a caused by irresponsibility, but rather a surprise in seasonal uptick. Moolala is a relatively young company with 20 people, who work in Austin, Texas, who are working hard to make the website as best of an experience as possible. We are NOT a disreputable company to make a quick buck through "shady practices". I have asked Customer Service to bump you up to the front of the list, and to get your ticket resolved. Please watch out for their email."

They then proceeded to BLOCK me from the page or sending them messages, so I am unable to get ANY communication from them whatsoever. I have been frozen out, and I am not expecting any responses from them in the near future.

I understand NEW companies having this sudden "uptick", but Moolala was founded in 2010 and has more than 17000 fans on Facebook. You would expect them to have more than three customer service representatives and or 20 employees total.

I am completely disappointed in this company and DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING FROM THEM.

If you have had a bad experience with Moolala, please leave your story in the comments.

Moolala is NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but you can still file a complaint against them. Here is the link. They have a rating of C-.

Read other's complaints about Moolala here.

This is the response I received today, AFTER this blog post originally went live.

Wyatt (Moolala Support)
Dec 20 04:30 PM
Hello amara,
Your refund for $29.00 has been processed and should show in your account within the next two weeks (depending on your card issuer).
I'm going to go ahead and solve this ticket for now, but that doesn't mean we're done here. If you still have questions or if there's anything I can do to serve you better, please don't hesitate to reply to this email.
Wyatt Stafford
for the Moolala Member Experience Team 

I assume they decided to finally deal with my issues. Instead of explaining to me why the Mystery Box was improperly advertised, they refunded me $29. I'm happy with the final outcome, but I am still disgusted with their business practices.