Baby on the way? Here's how to save!

My neighbor recently asked me to put a guide together for his friend about how to save on baby stuff. I realized that I've never done a post about this! So here's some stuff I can remember!

When you have your baby in the hospital, take as much as you can! If you are planning on formula feeding, they will give bottles and diapers in the bassinette. Put them in your bag and ask for more. They don’t give free samples anymore (hospitals are pushing breastfeeding more now). You (or your insurance) are paying for everything when you are in the hospital, so pack away the pads as well. You can also take the blanket and hat the baby is in. Take the peri bottle also! (This will be extremely helpful in the first few painful days!) Anything the nurse gives you, TAKE IT! If they don’t give you anything, ASK!
Also, ask your ob/gyn and pediatrician for some free samples. Pediatricians will often have samples of formula and medicine. I still get samples for my 2.5 year old!
Your insurance might cover a breast pump! They can cost over $200, so check your policy.
You might be able to get free lactation help. Check your area for classes. You can also get free email help from Medela here: There will most likely be lactation services available at the hospital, so find out!
Free Formula Samples
These sites also send coupons in the mail. Sign up once, and you will keep getting stuff in the mail. I still get formula 2 years later! (You can get a free kit at a participating hospital. Use the zip code hospital locator to see if your hospital participates. Occasionally, the Gerber website has coupons for formula, baby snacks and more, so check it periodically.)
If you choose to formula feed, powder will be cheaper than liquid.
Diapers and Wipes
Many companies offer free diaper samples. Sign up for as many as possible. You can also combine diaper coupons with sales to get the best prices. (Has a coupon available on the website right now. They are also offered in the Proctor and Gamble coupon inserts on the first Sunday of the month in the newspaper. You can also often print them. I personally think these diapers are the best value.) (Pampers coupons are also often offered in the newspaper inserts. You can also join the rewards program and get some free stuff.) (There are not always coupons available, so keep checking. They also have a rewards program.) (The best diaper deals each week)
Other free samples and coupons (The samples and coupons vary. Sometimes they have baby stuff.)  (Free subscription to American Baby Magazine) (Sometimes they have baby samples. Mostly beauty stuff though) (Free children’s book delivered every month. Not available in all areas) (Free pregnancy wristband) (Have to send an email to request samples) (Rewards for mom program for coupons and samples)
Other Stuff
When shopping online, shop through Ebates. You’ll get a percentage back at participating stores. It adds up after a while, and you get a $10 gift card after your first purchase of $25 or more. They also have lots of coupon codes for shopping.
There are so many great apps to help you save money at the grocery store. You can earn a good amount of money just for buying your normal groceries like milk and bread. Sometimes, you will get lucky and find baby item rebates also! I have them all listed here with links:
Ask your friends/neighbors to give you all the baby coupons they get in their paper. It’s a great way to get lots of coupons when you want to stock up on certain items!
Babies don’t need shoes, so you don’t need to spend money on them!
Try not to open and wash every baby outfit you get right away. Sometimes, your baby will never end up wearing it. (I regifted a TON of stuff). Store all the new baby clothes in a safe place and wash them as you need them.
Don’t buy a thermometer for the ear! Pediatricians recommend a rectal thermometer and they are much cheaper.
Freeze your leftovers! It’ll come in handy when you are too exhausted to cook!
A whole roast chicken can make tons of meals. You can eat it just like that. You can shred it for sandwiches, soups and pasta. You can make stir-fry.  Try making a chicken on Sunday and see how many meals you can make for the week! This comes in handy when you have a little baby that demands much of your time!
Ask friends and family for hand-me-downs! Babies grow FAST and you might not need to buy so much.
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What would you add to this list?