My name is Amara and I am 28 years old. As a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls, I had to learn how to make ends meet on a budget. With prices going up and paychecks being less, it can seem daunting to save a dollar. Coupons are a great way to save money, but using them to their full extent can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming! That's why I created Crazy Couponing!

I have always had a love for coupons and free stuff. Just in the last few years, I have become more addicted to it. I guess you could say "Extreme Couponing" inspired me! Whenever the show came on, I was reminded to start clipping coupons. I would sit on the floor and start clipping away while enjoying/hating the show.

Crazy Couponing started with a little Facebook page I created to help my family members save money. I was always getting tons of stuff for just a few dollars. It amazed my family and they didn't understand how I did it. That very Facebook page has grown to over 3100 fans! Apparently, I'm not the only one looking for a deal!

New York City is not an easy place to coupon. None of the stores near me double coupons and Walmart is at least in hour away. But, I remain determined to get the best savings possible! I mainly do drugstore deals, but I do get AMAZING deals now and then!

I was inspired to share my love of couponing once I realized my family started making jokes like, "Does Amara have a coupon for that?" My couponing was once a source of amusement for my family, now it has become inspiration.

Crazy Couponing has evolved beyond coupons. It has become a community where we share deals, sales, freebies, parenting tips, homemade and DIY projects and money making programs. It's a place where moms and dads can turn when they feel like they are struggling with finances or parenting. I am extremely proud of how fast it has grown and I'm hoping you will take a look and be able to benefit from it. Even if I can help one person, it makes it all worth it.